Flowspring Radiant Spray



Flowspring Radiant Spray

External environment makes skin age faster!

Sunlight causes water loss, redness and itching? Dry air causes dry skin?_


Reasons for choosing Flowspring Radiant Spray

1. Slight spray could be easily absorbed.

2. Deeper absorbed through the skin.

3. A variety of skin care ingredients, deeply moisturizing and lock water.


Normal Spray

1. Large spray, uneven spraying.

2. Surface water is volatile.

3. Single composition, it is difficult to lock water lastingly.


Rich in various minerals and plant ingredients

1. North American Witch Hazel Extract Firms and smoothes skin.
Witch hazel extract from North America, can regulate oil secretion, soothe skin, reduce skin pores, promote lymphatic blood circulation, and comprehensively regulate clean skin from the inside out, making the skin delicate, smooth and firm quickly.

2. Cherry extract Anti-Freckle, Anti-oxidation
Cherry is rich in Vitamin C.It has the effect of Anti-darkspots, can deeply clean the skin, prevent and repair skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays and computer radiation, make the facial skin white and ruddy, and remove spots and wrinkles.

3. Baobab Fruit Extract Improve skin elasticity, stimulate skin cell regeneration
Baobab fruit is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and F. It is easily absorbed by the skin, quickly moisturizes the skin, softens the cuticle, improves skin tone, and improves skin elasticity. At the same time, it has the effects of soothing the skin, stimulating cell tissue regeneration and regeneration .

4. Hyaluronic acid Anti-wrinkle,Deeply Moisturizing
It is the substance with the best moisture retention found in nature, which can improve skin nutrition metabolism, make the skin soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, increase elasticity, and prevent aging.


Five major effects to solve facial problems

1. Firms skin, regulates subcutaneous tissue arrangement, eliminates wrinkles.

2. Moisturizes the skin and replenishes the skin’s surface moisture, making the skin soft and supple.

3. Brightens the complexion, restores the skin’s tenderness and smoothness, and the skin is white and tender.

4. Repairs skin defects, improves overall skin appearance, and restores flawless teenage muscles.

5. Shrinks pores, soothes and tightens pores, leaving skin as delicate as ever.



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