Flowspring Amino Acid Purifying Cleanser




The secret of Anti-aging.

Gentle cleansing

Get cleansed and moisturized simply Monosodium accurate neutralization technology.

Do you use the right cleanser?

Facial skin is fragile. Using the wrong facial cleanser is like rubbing the floor with a cleaning ball, destroying the skin protective layer, which leads to skin problems such as enlarged pores, acne, allergies, and dryness.

_Face washing is repeated every day. Choosing the right face wash is the key_


Reasons for choosing Amino Acid Purifying Cleanser

Gentle cleansing – Amino acid formula, gentle and delicate, cleanses the skin while leaving it refreshed.

Deep cleansing – Rich amino acid foam wraps the skin and effectively cleans skin dirt.


Soothes the skin

A variety of ingredients lock the moisture, give the skin hydration and vitality, make the skin delicate and not tight.

Balance moisture and oil
Adjust skin acid-base balance, improve metabolism, control oil secretion, and replenish moisture.

No stimulation
PH value 5.5-5.6 is weakly acidic, suitable for human skin.

No residue
Strong water absorption, avoiding the damage of the residual material to the skin’s natural protective layer, and the skin returns to the original ecology.

Good for the entire population
Good for special populations such as pregnant women and babies, and can be used for long term.

Amino acids are the basic unit of the protein needed by the human body and are important for maintaining skin elasticity and moisturizing. Flowspring Amino Acid Purifying Cleanser is good for whole population including allergic skin and babies.

Main ingredients

Amino acid active agent, amino acid humectant, amino acid foam

pH value* 5.5-6.5, close to human skin pH.

No stimulation,good for babies.

Sebum membrane
Protect Sebum membrane.

Moisture retention
Amino acid moisturizer can replace washed NMF and moisturize the skin.

Is it suitable for long-term use?
Suitable for long-term use.



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