I am a Registered Distributor/Health Worker of Tiens (Tianshi) Group of Companies,  to-date.  And presently a registered distributor of Norland Industrial Group.

Actually, Tiens Group of Companies founded in 1995 in China, is a Multinational Network Marketing Company, which has Distributors in over 190 Countries worldwide.

In Nigeria, all Tiens Supplements are approved, and registered with and by NAFDAC, “the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

In May 2012, Tiens Groups required members to go out to introduce, as well as sell Tiens Supplements to members of the Public, and also to treat with the Supplements, the sick.

Most people didn’t know about Tiens Supplements at the time, and so the enlightenment, plus sales drive, was really necessary.

I received an invitation to join the Tiens Marketing Groups. Those who joined were to move with Tiens Specialty Shop Owners who registered them.

At first, I was hesitant to accept the invitation. However, I felt I had nothing to lose by joining them. And so I joined.

Together with other Tiens marketers, we would move out as early as 7.00 a.m. talking to members of the public about our Supplements, and how the sick can be effectively treated with them.

My marketing experience in my previous employment, as Assistant Marketing Manager, came into play and helped me immensely.

I tell you, I enjoyed every moment of my daily outing because, firstly, I like others in my Group, was able to assist the sick and other people who actually required Supplements.

The Mass outreach by all the Tiens Groups, including my Group, truly enlightened members of the Public about the efficacy of Tiens Supplements.
Please follow this link for more on the efficacy of Tiens Supplements

I remember an incident of a lady who ate soured food. As a result, she started stooling and vomiting.

I gave her our Tiens Antilipemic Tea to drink, and that instantly stopped her stooling and vomiting.

I have treated many other cases of stooling and vomiting with the Tiens Antilipemic Tea.

There was also a case of a client who bought the Tiens Antilipemic and Slimming Teas for slimming.

I told her she should eat moderately, and also abstain from fatty foods, red meat, etc. in order to get result.

In response she said, “No I eat well, and I can’t give that up for anything.” “Oh yee!”  I said, “So how do you intend to slim down?”

She repeated that there was no way she was going to stop eating a big meal.

I tried to make her see reasons why she should comply. But she wasnt prepared to listen.

On my next visit, she said her friend came visiting, saw the Slimming Products, took them away, and used them for herself.

When she saw her friend again, she was slim and looking more beautiful.

“Wao!” I chipped in,” your friend certainly beat you to it.”

She was not serious about loosing weight, a friend of hers who needed the Products took and used them, and got desired result.

I attended to clients with different types of health issues, e.g. Arthritis, Body Pains, Malaria and Typhoid Fever, Obesity problem, Insomnia, hypertension, fibroids, prostate enlargement, watery sperm, etc. and they were happy and agreed that the Supplements were effective.

This business opened my eyes to the fact that everybody; young and old, require regular use of good Supplements, for perfect health.

So many people benefitted from our outing and are still benefitting to-date.

The marketing of Tiens Supplements, and treatment of the sick gave me good exposure for which I am very grateful.

My only daughter ‘Karo, an experienced blogger, encouraged and initiated the opening of a Health Blog, on my behalf. So I can share my knowledge with a wider audience.

Armed with the type of exposure I had, I started My Health Blog, lynsnaturalhealth.blogspot.com.” in 2014.

Apart from being a Registered Distributor of Tiens, I am also a Registered Distributor of Tahitian Noni International, Fohow International Group of Companies, and presently Norland Industrial Group.

The Companies also have Distributors all over the world and their Supplements are approved and registered with and by NAFDAC in Nigeria.

We the Distributors/Health Workers attend Training Programmes organized by the Companies from time-to-time.

As earlier mentioned, I have been managing my blog since the year 2014. And through it, I believe a lot of readers have benefitted from my humble effort.

From time to time I receive requests to purchase Supplements from all over the world. I also receive enquiries, and I always ensure I attend to everyone.

I have in addition, written 4 Ebooks on health, namely, “Safely Remove Fibroids Without Surgery,” “Cure Without Surgery Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer,” “Sure Cure for Sickle Cell Disease,” and “Your Eyes are Priceless.”

I have published the first two only. The others will soon be published.

On this blog, I hope to improve on my services by giving you more enlightenment about how to stay healthy, and best health suplements to use for effective treatment of whatever ailment(s) you, your friends, or family, may experience.

My name is Mrs. Evelyn Omoro Oforofuo.  And all I want to do, is help you stay young and healthy, the natural way.