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Most people no doubt eat fish as it’s tasty. And occasionally people experience fish bone stuck in the throat. It can be a mild or serious case.

Its therefore important that when we are faced with such a situation, we know how to treat it.
Please note that we can treat most cases at home.

Those with serious cases may have symptoms of blood in their saliva, extreme difficulty in swallowing, or even in breathing.

Therefore, if symptoms are as mentioned above, and you experience difficulty in safely removing the bone at home, please quickly see your doctor.

Moving on now, let’s see below
8 easy ways to remove a fish bone stuck in the  throat:

1. Cough: When you cough forcefully a strong force of air is created to displace the fish bone.

Actually, coughing, being the first defense mechanism of the
body, helps to protect against such problems around the airways and throat. So when you cough, it generates a strong force of air that displaces bodies foreign to the airways, especially fish bone.

2. Warm Salt Water: You can apply this method to fish bones stuck in the upper throat.

Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Stir until it completely dissolves. Use this solution to gargle for 30 seconds, spit out  the water, and repeat until you feel relief.

When you apply this method, the gargling can assist to contract as well as relax muscles of the esophagus, so that the fish bone can dislodge itself.

Furthermore, the salt water will help with any irritation or inflammation that may be caused by the fish bone.

3. Olive Oil: When you drink olive oil, it
lubricates the throat, as well as
stimulates movement naturally, and so assist the esophagus to push the fish bone out.

4. Eat dry crackers:

If you are going to apply this method, swallow a reasonable quantity of dry crackers. Ensure you chew all well enough, and swallow them as a whole. This will enable the bolus swallowed to scrape against the throat and thus dislodge the bone. Please ensure you drink enough water to swallow the crackers.

5. Eat A Banana: You can eat a banana, which is soft food. As you swallow the chewed banana, the fish bone would stick to it and its pushed into the stomach, and there the gastric acid would dissolve it.

6. Cooked Rice, Potatoes,
Marshmallows, or Bread:

You can eat well cooked rice, potatoes, or marshmallows, if readily available. They are soft and so they can stick to the fish bone and it goes with them into the stomach.

Or soak bread in milk. Roll the wet bread into a ball. As you swallow the bread, the fish bone will stick to it, and it goes with the bread into the stomach.

7. Drink A Soda: It is suggested that when you consume an acidic drink, like soda or vinegar-water. It would soften very fine fish bones. And as this softens the fish bone, it becomes easier to swallow.

8. Milkshake:  When you forcefully gulp a thick milkshake or a smoothie, this can assist to push down the throat, a fish bone. And if the drink is cold, it would additionally soothe any discomfort caused by the fish bone.

Be Patient: After your initial attempt to remove the fish bone, wait and observe carefully if it’s actually out.

Sometimes, a fish bone could be lodged temporarily in the throat, causing discomfort, irritation and inflammation.

The bone could have been swallowed unknowingly, leaving those damage behind.

So it’s necessary to wait and observe if the fish bone is still stuck in the throat or is out. One could just be experiencing a case of mild
tissue damage.

Use of Utensils Or Fingers:

Please avoid using any type of utensil to scrape your throat, or trying to use your fingers to remove the fish bone, especially as it is not visible.

If you end up having small wounds in your throat or esophageal wall, this can cause you more discomfort, as well as increase the risk of infection.

When To See Your Doctor:
When you cannot remove the fish bone using one of the techniques mentioned above, or if you experience the following please see your doctor:

Very intense pain
Heavy bleeding
Difficulty breathing

Generally, the doctor can remove the fish bone using special tweezers, but in the most difficult cases it may be necessary to perform a minor surgery to remove the fish bone. In these cases, the fish bone is removed and you are discharged home immediately after, as it is a very simple surgery that often does not even involve any incisions to the skin.

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