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In the News today, Friday, 28th February, 2020, an Italian tested positive for the Coronavirus in Lagos. This is the first case of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

The outbreak of Coronavirus started from China, and it has spread to so many other Countries.

Since the first case was reported in December 2019, it is reported to have killed at least 2,760 people, and infected more than 81,000 people in 41 Countries.

Medical Practitioners who use Natural Supplements are promoting the use of alternative medical treatment to the virus.

Yes there is the need to strengthen your immune system in order to protect you from the Coronavirus, especially in view of the fact that there is no vaccination for it yet.

Some people, are using as preventive measure, vitamin megadoses, which is hundreds of times the daily amount recommended. This is very wrong and dangerous, as it can lead to  dizziness, nausea, headaches, coma, and even death.

But the Good News is that we in Norland Industrial Group, have  very effective Natural Health Products which are 100%  Organic, that are Preventive and Curative. These Products we have successfully used to treat HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Cancer, Prostate, Stroke, Stomach Ulcer, Fibroid, etc.

We combine our GI Vital Softgel,  a Stem Cell Treatment, with other Products to boost the Immune System, to effectively Prevent Coronavirus and other ailments. In fact it’s in the News that Stem Cell Treatment healed some Coronavirus Patients in China. Please read it below:

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Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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