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I will discuss common salt in view of its importance in the home.

Common Salt, a household name, is used to season and preserve food, as well as treat health issues. Without salt in your meals they would be tasteless. Do you agree?

Common salt composition is –
* Sodium Chloride – 97.5%;
* Chemicals including iodine,
sugar, and absorbents – 2.5%.

Because processed salt is dried at more than 1,200°F, this kills most of its nutritional values and trace minerals.

On the other hand, natural salt has about 84 natural minerals which aid the body to maintain health.

The body contains 0.9% salt and this maintains the delicate balance of sodium in the body. Every system in the body needs salt to maintain good bone density, stabilize sugar levels, and for proper circulation.

The amount of salt a person needs depends on their daily routine and genetics. However, the National Academy of Sciences has advised that we consume 500 mg. of sodium daily to maintain perfect health in the body. Of course children should consume less.

Natural Health Practitioners recommend the Original Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt for perfect health. It keeps one healthy and safe during exercise, and also eliminates chronic fatigue. Expectant mothers are advised to take it to create a healthy infant. You can make your choice, but use good quality salt, as it will benefit you more.

Although salt has many health benefits, when used excessively, it can cause problems.
Salt makes the body retain water, and eating too much of it, makes the extra water stored in the body raise the blood pressure. Hence the more salt one eats, the higher the blood pressure, and this could also cause heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, dementia, stomach cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, etc.

The salt content of most packaged and processed foods is high, and these preservatives can cause problems such as swellings; major thyroid, kidney and liver problems; development of goiters; hypertension; heart disease; muscle cramps; edema; and even major nervous system disorders such as depression, anxiety.

However, when salt intake is not enough, it can also cause health issues such as dizziness, fatigue, lose of focus, etc. But whenever you have symptoms of salt deficiency, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of clean water, and drink it. If you feel better, it means you were salt deficient.

You can effectively manage diarrhoea, dehydration, in your home for your children, with ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution), using salt and sugar. When a child starts stooling 3 or more times a day, give the child ORS to prevent too much lose of liquid.

Preparation of ORS:

Use half level teaspoon of salt, with six levels teaspoons of sugar, dissolved in one liter (equivalent to 1 beer bottle) of clean water. Please mix the amounts stipulated correctly, as too much salt is extremely harmful to a child, and too much sugar can worsen the diarrhoea.

Give the solution to the child gradually, anytime a watery stool is passed, to prevent too much loss of liquid.

You can also give the child
Norland Shoue’r Sunshine Zinc Supplement Granules (Children)
in addition. You can take the child to your doctor for treatment, but continue with the ORS treatment until stooling completely subsides.

When your blood pressure is too low, boost it with a little salt. You can consume salt in order to stabilize your sugar level.

Women can add, small quantity at a time of salt to foods in the home, such as blended ogbolo, melon, dry pepper, crayfish, etc., and these can stay preserved for months.

Therefore whichever salt you use, use it moderately so you can enjoy its many benefits.

However please note that Norland Health Products are curative and can cure so many ailments in the body, including cancer, prostate problems, fibroid, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Hypertension, Diabetes, Infertility in women and men, obesity, stoke and other life-threatening ailments, etc.

Therefore, if you wish to purchase Norland Products or Others, please send a mail to lynmail45@gmail.com, and I will promptly attend to you.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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