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Happy New Year To You All.  I Pray For A Year Filled With God’s Mighty Blessings, And Every Good Thing You Wish Yourselves, This New Year and Beyond, In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Trust you are all benefiting from this Health Blog. I am here to help you in any way I can, including selling Products advertised in this Blog to you.

I am introducing this topic in other to enlighten you about the importance of maintaining cleanliness, in your bodies, homes,  surroundings, and environment, in other to attain good health.

Cleanliness it is said, is next to Godliness, as being clean is a sign of goodness or spiritual purity.

Cleanliness plays a vital role in your daily routine, if you are to protect yourself from diseases, like Hepatitis, an ailment which is presently on the increase; scabies; diarrhoea, etc.

Please note that when you maintain cleanliness in your body and environment always, at home, at school, in the office, wherever you are, you protect yourself from diseases.

And when you practice good personal hygiene, you keep illness at bay.


Therefore in order to minimize illness and enhance your overall health, you need to practice the following personal hygiene habits:

1.   Ensure you bathe regularly with soap and clean water, at least, once a day.

2.    Brush your teeth at least once a day.

3.    Trim and clean your nails regularly.

4.    Wash your hands with soap and water before eating.
When you eat without washing your hands, you transfer the germs and bacteria on your fingers and palms into your mouth, causing infection and illness.

5.    Wash the food you eat, such as fruits, etc. before eating.
Wash the body of your canned foods, e.g. drinks, milk, Soups,  etc. before opening and taking them.

6.   The toilet, especially public toilet, is a place where you can easily contact infection, and diseases.

So where possible, stay away from public toilets. Learn to use your private toilet at home,  first thing in the morning, before leaving your home. And if it becomes necessary to use a public toilet, at  work, please ensure you do not seat on toilet seats, otherwise you will go home with infections and other diseases.

You could contact E. Coli; Staphylococcus;
Streptococcus; the Hepatitis Virus, the Common Cold Virus,  various sexually transmitted organisms, etc.

So, as much as possible, stay away from public toilets.
Also wash your hands with soap and water after coming from the toilet.

7.  Clean your private toilet bowl daily with soap and water. You can allow the powder soap rest for 15 minutes, then scrub the toilet with a toilet bowl brush, and flush.

Then disinfect the toilet bowl. You can spray vinegar on the sides of the toilet bowl, leave for 30 minutes, then flush.

When you keep your toilet clean, this will protect you from
UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), and other diseases.

8.   Protect your food from flies, cockroaches, rats, etc.

When cockroaches crawl into your food, they contaminate it with their waste and saliva, and this contains bacteria, which can cause illness such as food poisoning, diarrhea, and Staphylococcus infections.

Also flies, rats and other pests can cause food poisoning when they rest on your food before you eat.

9.   Ensure your home and environment are always clean.


Please note that you can develop the following health problems due to lack of cleanliness:

Hepatitis, Scabies, sores, diarrhoea, dysentery, parasites, worms, tooth decay, UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases), Typhoid, Dengue, etc.

Therefore my friends, it is in your best interest to embrace cleanliness, and reduce to the barest minimum illhealth, as well as prolong your life.

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It’s important to mention at this stage, that you can also take Products for prevention of illness. In other words,  do not wait until illness strikes before you take action. This is very important.

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Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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