ANION SANITARY NAPKIN (8 PCs/Pack – Heavy Flow-Purple Colour), (10 PCs/Pack-Normal Flow-Orange Colour).


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Anion Sanitary Napkin is Manufactured in China and Marketed by Norland Industrial Group, a large scale Multinational Industrial Group, founded in 2008, and involved in health, medical cosmetology, direct selling, and e-commerce Industry.

The Company is said to cover the whole of China.  Also it has expanded to 44 Countries including USA, South Africa, Korea, Russia, Nigeria, etc.

The Product is approved by NAFDAC. Also as earlier mentioned, it is approved by various Agencies around the World.

Benefits of Using Anion Sanitary Napkin are as follows:

1.    It helps to remove toxins from the body during menstruation.

It reduces heavy menstruation after usage for 3 months i.e. for 3 menstrual cycles, etc.

2.    Bio-magnetism prolongs life, accelerates blood circulation, enhances the vitality of the cells, speeds up toxins discharge during acidity of the secretions, making them more protective.

3.    Anions are vitamins of life and guard the human body. They purify the air, as well as increase the amount of oxygen and moisture.

4.     Far infrared stimulates blood circulation and micro-circulation. It prevents gynecological disease and by raising the temperature, relieves dysmenorrhoeal.

5.     It Preserves health.

6.     It’s Anti-bacterial.

7.     It’s Anti-inflammatory.

8.     It Eliminates odour.

9.     It Promotes metabolism.

10.   It Improves endocrine function.

1 1.   It Enhances immunity.

12.    It Relieves stress.

We Sell Anion Sanitary Napkin Retail and Wholesale.

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