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Anion Panty Liner is Manufactured in China and Marketed by Norland Industrial Group, a large scale Multinational Industrial Group, founded in 2008, and involved in health, medical cosmetology, direct selling, and e-commerce Industry.

The Company is said to cover the whole of China. Also it has expanded to 44 Countries including USA, South Africa, Korea, Russia, Nigeria, etc.

The Product is approved by NAFDAC. Also as earlier mentioned, it is approved by various Agencies around the World.

The benefits of Using Anion Panty Liner are as follows:

1.    Negative anion comprises of bio-magnetism, for infrared and anion.

2.    It’s anti-tumor, e.g. fibroid, etc.

This can gradually evacuate small fibroid(s). But the patient will have to use the Product sufficiently to achieve this goal.

But the Wuqing Nourishing Health Pad can evacuate both small and large fibroid(s)

3.    It cleans the fallopian tube and balances the hormones.

4.    It promotes blood circulation.

5.    It promotes oxygen supply to the womb.

6.    It purifies the blood by increasing alkalinity, and balancing the ratio of certain minerals in the blood.

7.    It kills 99.9% bacteria through the built in negative ion strip.

8.    It energizes you.

9.    It helps you to detoxify and treats skin disorder.

10.    It helps clean the liver and kidneys.

11.    It eliminates heavy metals, poisons and carcinogenic material from bodies.

12.    It increases oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, detoxifying it deeply for the improved functioning of all the major organs in the body, which depend on blood for energy.

13.    This detoxification allows hidden toxins in the blood and also in tissues to be dissolved or immobilized.

14.    It boosts your immune system and thus increase the amount of white blood cells and killer T-cells.

15.    An excellent therapy for promoting healing, for reducing muscle soreness, muscle spasms and relief for rheumatoid arthritis.

16.    It increases the processing enzyme activity in our digestive tract, as well as boost metabolism.

Ladies use the Product from time to time in order to enjoy it’s many benefits.

Please Note: This Product is not for pregnant women.

Also you need to know how to effectively use the Product to get result.

We Sell Anion Panty Liner Retail and Wholesale.

If you wish to purchase Anion Panty Liner and other Products, please send a mail to, and I will promptly attend to you.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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