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The Immune Vital Capsule is for men’s vigor, vitality, and body immunity.

It is a health food and is made up mainly of Wolfberry extract, zinc gluconate, folic acid, soybean oil, gelatin, ginseng extract, tomato red,
beewax, glylcerin, water, titanium dioxide and bright blue.

 The Product is Manufactured in China and Marketed by Norland Industrial Group. The Company is said to cover the whole of China.  Also it has expanded to 44 Countries including USA, South Africa, Korea, Russia, Nigeria, etc.

The Product is approved by NAFDAC. Also as earlier mentioned, it is approved by various Agencies around the World.


1.    The Immune Vital Capsule treats erectile dysfunction and controls diabetes.

2.    Increases semen and sperm quality.

3.    Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

4.    Improves sleep quality.

5.    Improves vision.

6.    Improves thinking ability and cognitivity.

7.    It lowers Blood Sugar and Cholesterol level.

8.    It protects brain cells.

9.    It prevents Cancer.

10.   It has anti-inflammatory effects.

11.   Free radicals and scavenging.

12.   Prevents stunted growth.

13.   Aids healthy growth.

14.  We combine it with other Products for treatment.

The Immune Vital Capsule is suitable for People with low immunity.

However, it is not suitable for Kids and Teenagers.

Immune Vital Capsule Contains 30 Capsules.

We sell the  Product Retail and Wholesale.  So always contact me whenever you need Immune Vital Capsules or other Norland Products.

If you wish to purchase Immune Vital Capsules and other Products, please send a mail to, and I will promptly attend to you.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All

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