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There is need to talk about the danger of living close to power lines for your protection.

High-voltage electric current is carried from one place to another by Power Lines. The electromagnetic field (EMF) in the case of high-voltage transmission lines, can extend to about 300 meters. Directly underneath the Power Lines, the electromagnetic field is strongest, but fades away gradually with increased distance.

Various Studies have shown that living close to Power Lines increase the risk of leukemia, other cancers, and many other diseases.

In 1979, convincing evidence of this assertion was first published in the American Journal of Epidemiology by Wertheimer and Leeper. Dozens of other Published Papers have confirmed this, and list a range of diseases that could affect occupants of such areas as Childhood and Adult Leukemia; Fatigue; Alzheimers Disease; Gehrig’s Disease; Brain Cancer; Decreased Libido; Breast Cancer in Women and Men; Miscarriage, Birth Defects, and Reproductive Problems; Blood Diseases; Heart Disease; Sleeping Disorders; Hormonal Imbalances; Depression and suicide; etc.

To corroborate this is a list of over 300 Published Research Papers relating to EMF from Power Lines and Electricity Sub-Stations, compiled by Powerwatch UK. It is very unlikely that all the Studies were mistaken in their conclusion.

Therefore it is in the best interest of everyone to always maintain a safe distance between their homes, offices, schools, etc. and Power Lines. Those who live or work close to Power Lines, should do something about their exposure to EMF radiation, and protect themselves and their loved ones from the risk of developing the diseases earlier mentioned.

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Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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