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When parents are afraid to talk to their kids, especially their little girls about sex education, the world will gladly fill the void of silence they leave.

Parents feel that it is too early to reveal such information to their kids, but they discover too late, they are not helping them.
They can start counselling them gradually; tell them about the reproductive organs, how babies are made, and God’s rules regarding procreation. This will go a long way to guide them aright.
If parents fail to counsel their  kids, they will hear these things from their nosy peers at school, from tv, etc, and too late the unwanted happens.


Apart from regular counselling, parents  be prayerful, and give your kids to God to guide and protect them always, because of your own, you can do nothing.

Pregnancy by teenagers is on the increase, and as earlier mentioned, parents have a great role to play by counselling their kids on sex education, in order to prevent pregnancy at an early age. It is an uphill task, but one that must be done, for the safety of our kids.

Know that teenage mothers and their babies are at increased risks and may likely experience the following –

1.  During pregnancy, teenage mothers are less likely to gain adequate weight, compared to older women. This is responsible for low birth weight in babies delivered by teenage mothers, which causes some disorders; infant and childhood disorders, coupled with a higher  rate of infant mortality.

Babies with low birth weight,  in most cases, have not fully developed organs, resulting in complications such as intestinal problems, respiratory distress syndrome, bleeding in the brain, etc.

2.  Also compared to older women,  teenage mothers have a very high rate of poor eating habits.  They may not value the importance of taking recommended daily prenatal multivitamins that will help to maintain adequate nutrition during pregnancy. They may even drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or take drugs during pregnancy, causing health problems for baby.

3.  Older women receive more regular prenatal care than teenage mothers. Prenatal  care is provided by doctors in order to monitor growth of the fetus, good  nutrition, health of the mother, and other information provided, from time to time, to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

According to Health Experts, women who do  not have regular prenatal care may lose their babies before the age of 1 year.

4. Teenage mothers are less likely to provide their children with proper  nutrition, health care, and social stimulation. Their children  are therefore at  a risk of lower academic achievement.

5. Baby boys born to teenage mothers, according to an Online Report, are 13% more likely to be incarcerated later in life.

6.  And baby girls born to teenage mothers, are 22% more likely to be teenage mothers, just like their mothers.

In view of the highlights above, parents, please protect your teenage girls from unwanted pregnancies.

I mentioned in my post on “Best Birth Control Supplements – No Side Effects,” that ladies can protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies with Tianshi Supplements. These supplements can also assist your teenage girls, especially those who belong to tribes that have this custom of early marriage.

Please let your teenage girls protect themselves from pregnancy until they are matured enough for it.

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Stay Healthy Always And Remain  Blessed. Love You All.

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