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Sickle Cell Anemia is named after a farming tool known as “a sickle,” in view of the fact that the red blood cells, which have become abnormal as a result of the disease, have become sickle-shaped.

The Hemoglobin: –

The Hemoglobin, is  the substance in the red blood cells, which helps to carry oxygen from the air in the lungs, to various parts of the body.

Normal red blood cells contain hemoglobin A, while the abnormal ones contain hemoglobin S, the S referring to “sickle.”

An inherited abnormal hemoglobin disorder, in which the red blood cells of a patient are sickled, prone to rupture, and fragile, is referred to as “Sickle Cell Disease.”

The ailment usually is detected during pregnancy or soon after birth.  Sometimes from early childhood, patients experience symptoms.

But most children experience few symptoms and lead normal life.

In view of the nature of the ailment, patients receive special care throughout their lives.

Normal red blood cells are round and flexible, and so can travel through small blood vessels, to different parts of the body, to supply blood and oxygen.
Also normal red blood cells live for about 120 days before they are replaced by new ones.

However sickled red blood cells which are abnormal, and live for only about 10 – 20 days, clump together, usually sticking to walls of blood vessels, blocking blood flow, and making it impossible for the red blood cells to carry enough blood and oxygen round the body.

Consequently, in view of the fact that some tissues do not receive normal blood flow and oxygen, they are damaged, causing in the patient, tiredness, severe pains known as “crises,” etc.

Patients experience intermittent episodes of “crises” of variable frequency and severity.  This is an emergency requiring urgent medical attention.

This type of Sickle Cell Disease is know as “Sickle Cell Anemia.” This is the most severe of the 4 different types of Sickle Cell Diseases.

Major symptoms of Sickle Cell Anemia are, (1)  Fatigue and Anemia (2) Pain Crises (3) Congestion of Liver and Sudden Pooling of Blood in the Spleen (Splenic Sequestration) (4)  Bacterial Infection  (5)  Eye Damage (6)  Leg Ulcers  (7)  Lung and Heart Injury (8)  Dactylitis, that is, swelling and inflammation of Hands and/or Feet, Plus Arthritis (9)  Bed Wetting  (10)  Gallstones  (11)  Osteonecrosis, that is, death of portions of the bone, and bone infarcts (12) And Other Features.

Right Foods, And Other Health Tips For Patients –

Patients should eat sufficiently the right foods, such as –

1.  Carbohydrate foods such as rice, yam, sweet potatoes, pasta, etc.

2.  Protein foods such as beans, egg, low-fat cheese, fish, meat (no red and fatty meat), seeds, nuts.

3.  High-fibre foods such as brown rice, oatmeal, millet, etc.

4.  Foods rich in iron such as fish, eggs, low-fat cheese, black plantain, etc.

5.  Omega-3 Fatty Acids such as herring, sardines, tuna, etc.

6.  Calcium like Norland Nutrient Calcium which is easily absorbed, low-fat dairy foods like low-fat cheese, skimmed milk, tofu, soy milk, yoghurt.

7.  Foods Rich in Zinc such as crabs, beans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, oysters, etc.

8.  Fruits; and cruciferous vegetables, such as  oranges, apples, cabbage, kale, etc.

9.  Sunshine, that is Vitamin D, into the body.

10.  Plenty of fluid always to stay hydrated as dehydration causes crises.

11.  Get plenty of rest.

12.  Exercise moderately daily.

13.  Use HABI, that is, Herbal Automatic Blood Increase.
HABI has been in use for over 10 years now for children and adults.

It is in liquid form, and should be prepared in line with instructions provided, and taken.

HABI does not require hospitalization, and is safer than Blood Transfusion.
With Blood Transfusion, one can easily contact other ailments.

HABI boosts PCV levels of patients appropriately.
Severe drop in hemoglobin in a sickle cell anemia patient requires regular blood transfusions, in order to correct the anemia. HABI is a better alternative to blood transfusion.

HABI which is a herbal mixture, is safer to boost blood levels, and thus PCV levels.

14.  Use the Norland Energy Bracelet.

Foods, Etc. To Avoid –

1.  Processed meat, red and fatty meat, saturated fats, fast foods, sugar, etc.

2.  Smoking and Drinking as these would worsen symptoms of sickle cell anemia.

3.  Avoid extremes of heat and cold in order to prevent crises.


You will be required to submit test result of your genotype, before treatment.

I will not  burden you with too much details.  Suffice to know that there is CURE for Sickle Cell Anemia with Norland Products.

However please note that treatment will last for about 3 months.

But be rest assured that after treatment, sickling of the red blood cells will stop, and the red blood cells will become normal.

After treatment, since the Products are food and not drugs, you will gradually attain a healthy balance with them.

When you take only a handful of the Products however, please do not expect a magical result overnight, and besides, the problem is bound to persist unless you take the prescribed dosage. And if you take the prescribed dosage, rest assured that the Products are extremely effective for virtually all ailments in the body.

Therefore  if you wish to purchase Norland Products, for CURE for Sickle Cell Anemia,  please send a mail to, and I will promptly attend to you.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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