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The Fohow Group of Company Limited, based at Zhuhai, China, manufactures and distributes Natural Health Care Products.

Their Products are approved, registered with and by NAFDAC. They have distributors world-wide.

The Company’s Products are preventive, curative, revitalize dying cells, build, as well as strengthen, the immune system, enhancing  longevity.


This can be used by a couple having problem of infertility.

– Warms kidney and uterus, and promotes conception.

– Nourishes the blood, regulates menstruation, and harmonizes hormones.

– Activates hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, so that the amount
of stored sperm and egg reserve doubles.

– It nourishes kidney, replenishes essence, and improves life quality.

– Strengthens the bones, heals sores, impotence, spermatorhea,
infertility due to cold uterus, fatigue, dizziness.

– Treats deafness, back and waist pain, muscle atrophy, excessive
uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge, and has anti-tumor effect.

– Promotes physical fitness and prevents disease.

For those interested in purchasing Fohow Ares (Long Lu Capsules), please feel free to text or call me on +2348034863154 or +2348097890448 – this number is also on (WhatsApp), or send a mail to, and I will promptly attend to you.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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My name is Mrs. Evelyn Omoro Oforofuo. And all I want to do, is help you stay young and healthy, the natural way.

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