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It contains zinc lactate, glucose, egg protein powder.

Zinc is involved in more body functions than other minerals.

In the human body, Zinc is stored in a variety of tissues.

It is however more concentrated in the Prostate and Semen, suggesting Zinc’s tie to male sexual function.

 Hence lack of Zinc in males affects Prostate health.

Other tissues where Zinc is highly concentrated are the Retina of the Eye, the Skin, Brain, Lungs, Spleen, Heart, and the Adrenal Gland.


1.  It is essential for normal growth and development of reproductive organs.

2.  It is essential for normal prostate gland functions (to prevent prostate problems).

3.  It increases appetite.

4. It is a component of insulin to fight or prevent diabetes.

5. It helps taste acuity (taste perception).

6. It is an immune booster.

7. It is needed before and after surgery (pre and post surgery) to be able to cope with surgical stress and encourage speedy healing of the operated site.

8. It is important for normal glowing skin, sparkling eyes, healthy bones and beautiful hair.

9.  It is useful in the absorption and activity of vitamins, especially B-complex vitamins.

10. It makes part of cells’ genetic material (DNA).

11. It is useful in the maintenance of the viscera organs in the body
(heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and spleen).

12. It is active in disposing free radicals from the body.

13. It helps in red blood production (hemoglobin).

14. It helps the eyes (clear vision) by converting Vitamin A to its biologically active form to fight foggy vision.

15. It prevents and fights the occurence of short sightedness (inability to see far distance). It also helps reading defects.

16. It is active in disposing free radicals from the body.

17. It improves memory and delays aging processes.

18. It promotes speedy wound healing through its tissue repair strategy.

19. It prevents cancer and stomach ulcers.

20. It normalizes the organs of smell.

21. It combats infertility (in male), low sperm counts and impotence.

22. It also combats infertility (in female), hormonal imbalances and frigidity.

23. It helps the brain fight mental blockages/learning difficulty.

24. It combats diarrhea and digestive problems.

25. It helps libido by improving sex drive and helps premature ejaculation.

26. It prevents fetal deformity (in pregnancy) and curbs excessive bleeding during childbirth.

27. It discourages irregular menstruation.

28. It is needed in respiration for proper expulson of carbon dioxide in the red blood cells.

29. It is a co-factor of the 25 enzymes involved in digestion, and it helps metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the body.

30. It is very vital in healing of ulcers (internal and external).

31. It is useful for elderly patients with bedsores and low immunity.

32. It reduces the risk of damage to the retina, occuring in diabetics.

33. It prevents internal and external bleedings.

34. It is valuable for postmenopausal syndromes.

35. It is useful for AIDS patients, as they have impaired immunity.

36. It is vital in autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis (body attacking its own tissues) etc.

37 . It is needed for low I.Q. (intelligent quotient) and behavior (zinc is vital to the brain).

38. It can be used as cosmetic to treat acne/pimples (apply zinc content to the affected part).

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency:

1. Retarded growth in children.

2. Malformation and behavioral disturbances in children whose mothers lacked Zinc during their pregnancies.

3. Sexual immaturity/incompetence.

4. Dermatitis (skin problems).

5. Change of taste and smell acuity.

6. Genetic diseases.

7. Traumatic Stress.

8. Low Sex Drive (Weak Libido).

9. Loss of Appetite (Anorexia).

10. Epilepsi.

11. Repeated Infections.

12. Diabetes.

13. Hair thinning, loss or lusterless (dull).

14. Stretch marks and skin changes.

15. Excessive bleeding during child birth.

16. White spots on fingernails.

17. Delayance in wound healing.

18. Infertility.

19. Brain Retardation.

20. Affection of the skeleton, blood, nerves, muscles, tissues, and the visceral organs (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and spleen).

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