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In Series 6, I talked about Severe Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate/Complications.

In Series 7, I will talk about Factors responsible for a man contacting Enlarged Prostate.

Where necessary, please guide against them, and reduce to the barest minimum, your risk of contacting the disease.

I have talked about Supplements for Prevention and Cure of the disease.

I have also talked about Prostate-Friendly Foods that will further protect you.

Now I will proceed with Risk Factors.

Risk Factors of Enlarged Prostate:

The following factors can increase a man’s risk of developing Enlarged Prostate:

1. Age:

A man who has attained the age of 30 years may likely develope the ailment.

2. Family History:

A man with a father or brother with Enlarged Prostate, may likely develope it.

3. Heart Disease and Diabetes:

Some Studies suggest that patients with heart disease, diabetes, and those who use beta blockers are likely to develop the ailment.

4. Obesity:

Men who are obese are at risk of developing the ailment.

5. Erectile Dysfunction:

Patients experiencing this condition are at risk of developing the ailment.

6. Ethnic Background:

The ailment is very common with white and black men.

However, Asian men rarely experience the ailment, possibly because Asian men eat more soya beans products.

7. Exercise:

Lack of physical activity or any form of exercise is a risk factor.

Diagnosis of Enlarged Prostate:

Enlarged Prostate is usually diagnosed based on questions asked as follows:

1. On personal and family medical history.

2. If there are symptoms, when they started, and how often they occur.

3. If there is any history of urinary tract infections.

4. Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications taken.

5. Quantity of liquid consumed.

6. If he smokes, takes alcohol or caffeine.

At this juncture, I appeal that you stop smoking and drinking excessively, in your own interest.

I intend to talk more about this soon.

7. If he had any ailments or surgeries.

Physical examinations are also carried out such as:

1(a) Discharge taken from the urethra.

(b) Enlarged or tender lymph modes in the groin.

(c) A swollen or tender scrotum.

2. The doctor may tap on certain areas of the patient’s body.

3. Digital rectal examination is performed.

Medical Tests are also performed:

1. As a routine yearly physical examination for men.

2. When there is bleeding in the digestive tract.

3. When men have symptoms of Enlarged Prostate.

Other tests conducted are:

1. For flow rate of urine.

2. Post-void residual test.

3. Pressure-flow study.

4. Urinalysis Test to check for blood or infection.

5. Urine Culture Test to check for bacteria or other germs.

This rounds up my talk on Enlarged Prostate.

In Series 8, I shall talk about Prostate Cancer. It is a topic that you cannot afford to miss. So see you then.

And Until Then,

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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