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In Series 5, I talked about Vital Information, that patients need to know about Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer. 

I also mentioned “Self-Care Steps” that will help give relief from Enlarged Prostate.

In Series 6, I will talk about Severe Symptoms/Complications of Enlarged Prostate.


Patients of Enlarged Prostate with severe symptoms may experience fever, nausea, vomiting, lower back pain, in addition to the following:

1.  Frequent Urinating –

There is this need to urinate frequently, urinating up to 8 or more times daily, especially at night, a condition known as “Nocturia.”  And occasionally,  there is the urgency to urinate.

2.  Urine Dribbling –

As earlier mentioned, when the Prostate is enlarged, it brings pressure to bear on the Urethra, thus blocking flow of urine through the Bladder, out through the Penis.

Thus the patient experiences difficulty in urinating, a major symptom; he finds it difficult to start a urine stream, and there could also occur a weak or interrupted urine stream, especially when urinating is about to end.

This condition is known as “Urine Dribbling.”

3.  Pains When Patient Urinates Or Ejaculates –

As a result of pressure on the reproductive system and urinary tract due to enlargement of the Prostate, the patient experiences pains when he urinates or ejaculates.

Sometimes, there is the need when urinating to force urine out, causing pains.  However, pains experienced could indicate that the patient also has an infection.

4.  Urinary Retention –

This situation occurs when the patient is unable to completely empty out the urine in his bladder.
When this occurs, usually doctors insert a tube known as “Catheter” into the patient’s bladder, to assist in draining out urine.

This is also where doctors may recommend surgery to enable them remove some of the Enlarged Prostate tissue or make cuts in the Prostate in order to widen the Urethra.

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5.  Urine With Blood, Or Smell, Or Colour Which Is Unusual

Owing to Urinary Retention, the urine sometimes becomes darker, and with a smell that is unusual, signalling Urinary Tract Infection.

If there is blood in the urine, usually caused by dilated veins on the surface of the enlarged prostate gland, this is known as “hematuria.”

On the other hand, visible blood in the urine is known as “gross hematuria.”  At this stage the patient should immediately seek medical attention.

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6.  Urinary Tract Infections –

As a result of retention of urine in the bladder, bacteria grows in the bladder, causing urinary tract infections.

This could make the urine to be dark, or result in bloody or foul-smelling urine.

Where the urinary tract infections are frequent and troublesome, the doctor at this stage recommends surgery to remove part of the prostate.

7.  Bladder Stones –

Urinary Retention, as earlier mentioned, is a situation where the patient is unable to completely empty his bladder.

The urine in the bladder eventually becomes highly concentrated, and thus the patient develops bladder stones, i.e. hard lumps of minerals in the bladder.

With this condition, the minerals in the urine becomes crystallized, giving rise to the following –

(a)  Infections which are severe.
(b)  Irritation of bladder
(c)  Blood in the urine
(d)  Blockage of urine flow

7.  Damage To Bladder And Kidney

Since the bladder cannot completely empty urine, a major symptom, the bladder weakens as a result of constant stretching in trying to completely empty urine.

This makes it impossible for the muscular wall of the bladder to contract normally, and thus the inability to completely empty the bladder worsens.

The pressure constantly mounted on the bladder as a result of urinary retention eventually causes damage to the kidneys, as the infections in the bladder spreads to the kidneys, causing damage.

Other Possible Causes of Urinary Symptoms Are –

1. Urinary Tract Infection.

2. Prostatitis or the
Inflammation of the Prostate.

3. Following previous surgery, scarring in the bladder neck.

4. Urethra narrowing.

5. Problem with the bladder nerves control.

6. Either Bladder or Kidney Stones.

7. Prostate Cancer or Cancer of the Bladder.

Please note that when you fail to treat these urinary problems, this could lead to obstruction of the urinary tract.

In Series 7, I will talk about Factors responsible for a man contacting Enlarged Prostate, and Diagnosis of the ailment.

Although you have the information you need on Cure, it is important that you have other necessary information.

Thus fully armed with necessary information on the ailments, you can better protect yourself, as well as your loved ones and friends.

So Till Then,

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.  Love You All.

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