God Bless You Dear Readers, and welcome to our series on Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer.

The question may be asked, why the interest in Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer?

In answer to that question I wish to say that Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer have claimed and is still claiming, so many lives.

I have lost some relations and some friends to those ailments, just like some of you have.

Some patients of Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer, relations, and other persons well-known to me, had series of surgery, but eventually passed on.

I knew too late about their ailment. And the sad thing about it all is that there is  CURE for the ailments.

Late last year, a family friend, another victim of Enlarged Prostate,   confessed to someone, not long before he passed on, that he spent over N1 million (borrowed money) trying to find cure for the ailment.

He was running from Pilar to post, trying to find cure.

However late last year, he passed on leaving a wife and children to mourn him. And of cause, his family has to defray the over N1 million debt.

The unfortunate thing is that I got to know about his condition too late, and so could not assist.

Also, about 3 years ago, a patient well known to me had 2 surgeries, and was almost passing on. When I was told, I referred his family to a Tiens (Tianshi) Shop that Specializes in CURE.

Now this patient is CURED, is very healthy, and has put on some weight again. The family is very happy.

The ailments Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer are daily claiming lives. It is therefore necessary to enlighten readers, about how they can help themselves, in order to reduce, and where possible, prevent any more deaths, in the long term.

It can be done if all who are concerned will do all that is required of them.

Consequently, I am going to post a Series on this subject, in order to enlighten you about Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer; for the young, what you need to do to Protect you from ever contacting the ailments; and for patients, to alert you that there is CURE for the ailments.

The Series is going to touch on different aspects of prostate; Its Location, Functions, Causes of Enlarged Prostate, Causes of Prostate Cancer, How to Prevent and also How to Cure the Deadly Diseases, Prostate- friendly foods, Best Health Practices and Best Natural Health Products/Supplements for Prevention and Cure for Both Diseases, etc.

Getting in-depth knowledge like this will better protect you and your loved ones from Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer.

This particular Post is the First in the Series and it touches on the location and functions of the Prostate Gland.

Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Enlargement

Where is the Prostate Gland?

Between the Bladder and the Penis, and also in front of the Rectum, is a Gland referred to as the “Prostate Gland.”

As you can see in the above diagram, it is about the size of a chestnut and a very vital part of a man’s Reproductive System.

The “Urethra,” a tube which passes through the centre of the prostate, to the bladder and penis, conveys urine out.


Most men know they have a Prostate Gland, but do not know its functions. As much as it is important for you to know the location of the Prostate Gland, as already described above, it is also important that you know its functions.

I list below, Ten Functions of the Prostate Gland as follows:

1.  The primary function of the Prostate Gland is to produce and secret about one-third, of the fluid referred to as “Semen,” alkaline in nature, which men ejaculate.

Because Semen is alkaline in nature, it assists the Sperm to survive in the vaginal environment, which is acidic.

2.  The Prostate mixes with fluids made by it,  Sperm, transferred by the Seminal Vesicles, and made in the Testicles, and the combination passes through into the Urethra, when a man ejaculates.

The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), produced in the Prostate, keeps the Semen in liquid form, to allow the Sperm swim into the Uterus.

Furthermore, an enzyme from the Seminal Vesicles that comes with the Semen, glues the Semen to a woman’s Cervix in the Vagina, next to the entry point of the Uterus.

The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) ensures the Sperm is released by dissolving this glue with its own enzyme, making  it possible for the Sperm to be released.

And on its release, the Sperm swims into the Uterus, and if egg is available, fertilization takes place, and thus a woman is impregnated.

3.  The Prostate Gland has erection nerves attached to its sides which triggers the Penis to swell, harden with extra flow of blood, and produce erections.

If during Prostate surgery or radiation the Prostate Gland is damaged, the patient will experience erectile dysfunction, or even become impotent.

4.  The pumping action of the Prostate makes sex enjoyable, thus provides a motivation for having sex, and for procreation.

5.  A man’s Prostate when stimulated produces sexual responses which are strong, and gives a man orgasms that last long.

6.  Because it pumps the Semen through the Penis with enough force, the Prostate Gland is referred to as a “Muscle.”

This forceful pumping of the Semen by the Prostate Gland, enables the Semen move far, and with enough speed, into the Vagina, to ensure the Sperm reaches the Cervix, and also ensuring that procreation takes place.

7.  The Prostate Gland produces secretions, and thus protect the Urethra from urinary tract infections.

8.  The Prostate Gland also helps to filter and remove toxins to protect the sperm; thus ensuring the production of very good quality sperm which enhances pregnancy.

Hence the need to always protect the Prostate, your sex life, from foods and environments which are toxic.

This in fact is the most important function of the Prostate Gland.

This is why it is so very important that you maintain good health in the body and Prostate at all times.

9.  The Prostate Gland also controls urine. When it is properly functional, you urinate only when there is the urge to do so.

The Prostate muscles act as gatekeepers and regulate the Urethra Tube which has dual-purpose.

Thus when there is the urge  to urinate, you urinate, and when there is need to ejaculate you ejaculate; a perfect design by God you would say!

Any damage as a result of Prostate surgery causes incontinence, i.e. uncontrollable leaks or flow of urine.

And in this case doctors prescribe the use of catheter (a tubular medical device for insertion into body cavities to permit urination).

10.  The Prostate Gland Produces an important enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase, which converts Testosterone in the body into

Dihydrotestosterone is ten times more powerful than Testosterone.
Dihydrotestosterone amongst other functions, enhances sex drive.

However, dihydrotestosterone it is said, have been mistakenly regarded as a hormone responsible for prostate problems, when in actual fact, the rise in male estrogen levels is responsible.

However, the build up of toxins in the body, as a man advances in age, affects the production of the enzyme, thus causing decline in sex drive.

From the highlights, the prostate, is a powerhouse, and a complex gland with so many functions.
Hence prostate problems can really distabilise a man.

Therefore, please do all in your power to maintain optimal health in the body and prostate, as an unhealthy prostate can have a great impact on simple daily urination, as well as sexual function.

In Series 2, I will talk about Causes of Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer.

You cannot afford to miss it, as it is important that you know what is responsible for Enlarged Prostate and Prostrate Cancer.

Till  Then,
Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.  Love You All.

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