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Insulin, the hormone that aids the body to absorb blood sugar, is produced by the Pancreas. Thus the Pancreas is the Organ that helps to keep your blood sugar level normal.

And so once there is not enough Insulin your blood sugar level goes up higher than normal. And when the Pancreas tries to make extra Insulin to make up for this, and is unable to, making it impossible to keep your blood sugar at normal levels, there is a problem. That means you are diabetic.

The most common form of Diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes.
When you have Type 2 Diabetes, your sugar levels build up in your blood stream. Doctors usually prescribe Insulin Injections which assist to move the sugar from your blood stream to your cells where it is required, for energy.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes are severe problems with your eyes, nerves, heart. You thirst excessively, and so drink plenty of water, causing you to pee a lot.  Also you are easily exhausted.

This is a lifelong experience on a daily basis always causing you to go for regular check-ups to ensure your blood sugar level is alright; causing you to watch your diet; causing you anxieties about early death, amputations and risky surgeries.

And when you fail to control Type 2 Diabetes, it could lead to serious complications that could lead to death.

If you have low blood sugar level, you are unaware, and fail to receive treatment for a long time, this could result in irreversible brain damage heart problem, and even death. Hence it is good to always check your blood sugar level.

The Good News is that Norland Industrial Group has Products for Effective Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes as well as Type 1 Diabetes.

Hypoglycemic Capsules is one of the Products required for Effective Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. We Combine it with Mebo GI, Kuding Tea, Propolis-Lecithin Capsules, Hypoglycemic Herbal Capsules, Calcium Iron Zinc, Vision Vitale Capsules, and Natural Beta-Carotene, if the eyes  are affected.

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Also for Effective Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes, we also Combine Hypoglycemic Capsules with Mebo GI, Kuding Tea, and depending on how critical the situation, all of the other Products mentioned above.

But rest assured that the Products effectively treat Diabetes.

The Hypoglycemic Capsule is used all over the world and is very effective.

The Product is Manufactured in China and Marketed by Norland Industrial Group. The Company is said to cover the whole of China. Also it has expanded to 44 Countries including USA, South Africa, Korea, Russia, Nigeria, etc.

The Product is approved by NAFDAC. Also as earlier mentioned, it is approved by various Agencies around the World.


1.   Hypoglycemic Capsules
regulates/stabilizes blood sugar levels (high and low). It also prevents complications.

2.   It restores the function of the Pancreas to secret Insulin.

3.   It reverses Type 2 Diabetes in about 90 days, or more, and normalises patient’s sugar level, depending on how long the ailment has been on.

4.   Some patients testified that as treatment progressed, diabetic symptoms such as exhaustion, painful tingling neuropathy, etc. gradually disappeared.

5.   Some Patients also testified that as treatment progressed, they received fewer Insulin Injections, and after treatment they stopped taking Insulin Injections. They were happy they could resume eating their favorite foods.

6.  A patient testified that the Hypoglycemic Capsules saved him from having his legs amputated.

Each Bottle of Hypoglycemic contains 30 Capsules.

Dosage:  1 Capsule Daily, 1 hour before meal. That means 1 Bottle can serve you for 1 Month.

If you wish to purchase Hypoglycemic Capsules and other Products, please text or call me on +2348034863154 or +2348097890448 (this is also my WhatsApp no.) or send a mail to lynmail45@gmail.com, and I will promptly attend to you.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All

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