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This Product is known as “Brain Food” or “Brain Tonic.”

This is because it contains Lecithin, which is high in phosphorous, and also unites with iron, iodine as well as Calcium, to give both power and vigor to the brain.

Lecithin forms large protective sheaths around the brain.

Also, it is a major building block of cell membranes.  Thus it is required by every cell in the body.


1. Prevention of stress.

2. Prevention of liver diseases.

3. Prevention of Parkinson disease.

4. Prevention of indigestion.

5. Prevention of mercury poisoning.

6. Prevention of over weight.

7. Prevention of hyperthyroidism.

8. Prevention of meniere disease.

9. Prevention of mitral value prolase.

10. Prevention of taurette syndrome.

11. Prevention of pre-menstrual syndrome.

12. Prevents joint and muscular problems.

13. Enhances sexual performance.

14. Prevents stroke/partial paralysis.

15. Helps in sperm load discharge.

16. Prevents Heart Attack.

17. Supports circulation of blood.

18. Prevents Acne.

19. Helps nausea.

20. Prevents Cramps and soreness.

21. Prevents cell oxidation.

22. Enhances increased cerebral functioning and maintains a high level of mental concentration.

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Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.  Love You All.

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