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In Series 4, I talked about Prostate-Friendly Foods that will greatly aid Prevention, and also stop further growth of the ailments.


In Series 5, it is important I draw your attention to the following for your information, guidance and protection.

1.  Please note that the size of the Prostate does not determine the seriousness of symptoms.

This is because some patients with greatly enlarged Prostate have few symptoms, while others with minimally enlarged Prostate have more symptoms.

2.  It is normal for patients to want to solve their health problems with whatever drug is prescribed for them.

However, it is important that they exercise caution in using certain Prostate drugs, in view of side effects recorded.

3.  Some Prostate patients do not know that they have a blockage until they are unable to urinate, a condition known as “acute urinary retention.”

This condition is usually triggered off when patients take over-the-counter cold or allergy medications containing decongestants such as oxymetazoline and pseudoephedrine.

Side effects from use of these medications may have caused the bladder neck from relaxing and releasing urine.

4.  Also medications containing antihistamines like diphenhydramine, weaken the contraction of bladder muscles, and thus cause difficulty in urinating, urinary retention, and painful urinating.

5.  Know that patients with partial blockage of the urethra, who have long periods of inactivity, experience cold temperatures, smoke cigarettes, and consume alcohol, could experience urinary retention.

Please abstain from excessive smoking and drinking.

6.  Finally, Enlarged Prostate symptoms could signal conditions more serious, including Prostate Cancer.


Some Enlarged Prostate patients experience minor symptoms of the ailment.

There is a process referred to as “Self-Care Steps” which gives some patients relief from the ailment.

So follow the Self-Care Steps mentioned below closely –

1. Please abstain from taking caffeine after having dinner.

2. Totally abstain from taking alcohol and cigarettes as they will worsen symptoms of Enlarged Prostate.

3. Visit the bathroom whenever there is the urge to urinate, even when you do not feel like urinating, and force it out.

4. Do not drink plenty of fluid at once; spread it out. Also avoid drinking of fluid 2 hours to bed time.

5. Keep yourself warm always, and avoid cold weather, as it will worsen your symptoms.

6. Exercise regularly, as when you are constantly inactive, you worsen symptoms of the ailment.

7. Stress makes one urinate more frequently. So please avoid it.

8. Over-the-counter cold and sinus medicines, that contain antihistamines or decongestants, can increase Enlarged Prostate symptoms. So please avoid them.

9. In the 4th Series, I talked about Prostate-Friendly Foods. Please include them in your diet to keep your prostate healthy.

Although it is said that when you strictly follow the Self-Care Steps, symptoms eventually stabilize in some men, and even improve with time, I strongly advise you use Tiens (Tianshi) Supplements, in addition, to ensure CURE.

This is because it is very important that you quickly nip the ailment in the bud, rather than delay treatment, giving room to possible escalation of the ailment.

The choice is yours.  Information on how you can get Supplements is as follows –

For patients of Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer who may wish to avail themselves of our Tiens (Tianshi) CURE, you are required to perform the following tests. Please see required tests in Series 3.

In Series 6, I will talk about Severe Symptoms/Complications of Enlarged Prostate.

It is important that you know the symptoms, for those who may, unknowingly be experiencing the ailment, and for others, as future safeguard.

Nobody prays to fall sick. But for those who are advanced in age, you really need to guide against ailments. Be alert, and at the slightest sign, quickly nip them in the bud.

Till Then,

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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